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Tour de Kroger Parking Lot

February 29, 2020

After a week of caring for Corwin we have managed 2 outings. Thursday we took Corwin to high school, to visit his mom at work. There were much oohing and aahing, although the star of the show remained relatively stoic throughout.

Yesterday we took him to the Hitsville Caravan, or something similar. The Nashville Sounds Triple A baseball team was out drumming up interest. The directions to the location were pretty straightforward, until the end. We were in a shopping center with a Kroger and a gas station. It took us driving completely around the Kroger building and out to the road again, to finally realize the gas station convenience store was the correct location.

Corwin woke up for introductions, but was not quite in his party mood. He still made a good impression, and survived his first mascot encounter.

Booster and Corwin

Most of the time Corwin was his normal friendly self.

The theme of being lost in shopping center parking lots continued into the evening. We set out for Casa Fiesta, a restaurant almost across the street from Rey and Becca’s apartment complex. Rey had warned us that getting into the left lane for turning into the parking lot in time could be challenging.

The excursion started with a major hassle leaving the apartment. The one lane exit from the complex to a really busy road was blocked by two cars and two police cars, forcing exiting cars to use the one lane entrance, along with all of the folks returning to the complex. And the police in attendance were not making any effort to help direct.

After finally escaping the apartment, I paid close attention to getting left, and turned too early, into the wrong shopping area. Once again, so close, yet so far. Not wanting to deal with left turns onto the busy road, we explored the back alleys of the shopping area and found a switchback path down to the lower area and then up to the restaurant.

Dinner was quite tasty.

As with most nights, we retired to our Airbnb room, a few episodes of a show, and off to sleep.

Two kids and an old guy

February 26, 2020

Day 3-1/2 of child care, Tennessee style. The first day all of us took naps. I will put some of that down to travel fatigue. No issues with the travel to speak of. There was the minor situation where we followed those phone directions a little too closely, and turned into the airport parking structure instead of onto a road. Luckily they allow 20 minutes of parking for free, so we didn’t have to pay $6 for the detour.

We are getting into a pattern of sorts.

  • Wake up
  • Dress
  • Feed
  • Change
  • Play a bit, really look around, bounce, exclaim, mumble
  • Repeat

Corwin has patterns too.

We are enjoying our relatively quiet, focus on the baby time.

Rey and Becca are more organized than I remember being. But it works! Corwin is a content and happy child.

Tomorrow we are going to go for an outing. More on that later.


February 16, 2020

There is twilight during the morning and evening drives.February showers will bring flowers.The lilies were planted last year to brighten the spring. They are lovely, but we have barely seen them since time in the backyard has been limited by the continuous rain of January into February.I did manage a raspberry pruning yesterday. And Carl picked about 400 spruce cones out of the backyard today.Cuteness among the produce.And in view of equal time for our two kids kids.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2020

Carl and I kissed this morning and went our separate ways. Work and all that stuff.

We will reconvene tonight, and see what happens. We have no specific plans. Maybe we’ll walk, but it could be dark and wet, so maybe stay home.

This is not a holiday where we spend a lot of energy. When the kids were young, and valentines for all of their classmates was de rigueur, the “holiday” would not sneak up. With that said, we both remember one of the best presentations I provided one year long ago.

A square of treasure cave blue cheese, flat on the plate turned 45 degrees. A slice of braunscheiger, cut in half, and place each half circle next to adjacent sides of the blue cheese. Surround the resulting heart with crackers.

I don’t have any pictures, and the last time I looked I could not find Treasure Cave.

We do have some bacon, so maybe a festive BLT. I will share a picture or two from yesterday, as we celebrated Jane’s birthday from afar.

And a few new Corwin sightings


February 3, 2020

When a picture just won’t add, you go to extremes

A Break in Precipitation

February 1, 2020

Tomorrow we will spend most of the day at home. Today we left about 9 am, and didn’t return until after 5 pm.Our first stop was on the UW campus for a memorial service. A friend’s wife, who died unexpectedly before Christmas. We did not know her well, but wanted to support her husband, whom we do know well. Trying to put understand what her husband is going through is almost impossible to concieve. Tears and joy at the memories shared, of the lives she enriched. Carl and I have each tried to imagine life without the other. Not good for either one. We each see major deficits that are filled by the other.At the conclusion we didn’t really want to go home, so we set off to walk and talk instead. Several miles later we were on top of Capitol Hill. And we did climb the hill. A little urban mountaineering. No long incline, this was a long hill.We lunched at the Rhine Haus. It hit the spot after our trek, and allowed us to pass some time waiting for the second event of the day.The Seattle Women’s Chorus concert, including a set by the acappella group, Acappella Joy. The focus of the concert was voting rights, and human rights. I find myself despairing of the current goings on in our country on so many fronts. But we just keep moving forward as best we can, putting one foot in front of the other.7.5 miles for the day, according to my tracker. And it didn’t rain on us until the very end, and that was barely noticeable. This is after a week of rain. Not showers or drizzle or mist, RAIN. And wind for the last few days. We consider this a major win. And, yes, it is raining again.And now for what we are thankful.

Should be 4 pictures