Tour de Kroger Parking Lot

After a week of caring for Corwin we have managed 2 outings. Thursday we took Corwin to high school, to visit his mom at work. There were much oohing and aahing, although the star of the show remained relatively stoic throughout.

Yesterday we took him to the Hitsville Caravan, or something similar. The Nashville Sounds Triple A baseball team was out drumming up interest. The directions to the location were pretty straightforward, until the end. We were in a shopping center with a Kroger and a gas station. It took us driving completely around the Kroger building and out to the road again, to finally realize the gas station convenience store was the correct location.Corwin woke up for introductions, but was not quite in his party mood. He still made a good impression, and survived his first mascot encounter.

Most of the time Corwin was his normal friendly self.

The theme of being lost in shopping center parking lots continued into the evening. We set out for Casa Fiesta, a restaurant almost across the street from Rey and Becca’s apartment complex. Rey had warned us that getting into the left lane for turning into the parking lot in time could be challenging.The excursion started with a major hassle leaving the apartment. The one lane exit from the complex to a really busy road was blocked by two cars and two police cars, forcing exiting cars to use the one lane entrance, along with all of the folks returning to the complex. And the police in attendance were not making any effort to help direct.After finally escaping the apartment, I paid close attention to getting left, and turned too early, into the wrong shopping area. Once again, so close, yet so far. Not wanting to deal with left turns onto the busy road, we explored the back alleys of the shopping area and found a switchback path down to the lower area and then up to the restaurant.Dinner was quite tasty.As with most nights, we retired to our Airbnb room, a few episodes of a show, and off to sleep.

2 Responses to “Tour de Kroger Parking Lot”

  1. margiegf Says:

    He is such an adorable baby! I may be doing the same for my daughter in September when she has to go back to school. I’m hoping I remember how to care for a baby. 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      The memories return, but sometimes the playbook has changed over the last 30-plus years, so new bits to learn.

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