Caught between a virus and a tornado

We have been keeping up with Seattle area news with online Seattle Times and work emails. The Corona Virus is dominating the feeds, as well it should. The Pacific Northwest appears to be ground zero in the U.S. It’s a little odd being aware, but away from the storm, and knowing we will be returning to the current eye of that storm. Still, using our standard protocols for hygiene will likely suffice.

And in our current locale, we have weathered a tornado. Carl was woken up by the sirens. I missed those, but saw/heard the lightning and thunder. We were unaware of the damage extent until Rey texted us that Becca’s school was closed, so we could come over later. Mind you, he didn’t say why, so I got online and finally found the news.

Rey may have been distracted by a flat tire on his car. He did manage to get some air into the tire, before taking Becca’s car. There is a screw in the tire, diagnosed by the fine folks at Midas, where I am waiting for the repair. On the positive side, it is warm and sunny, so driving in strange areas on a tenuous tire was only slightly tense.

In other events: Knit and Pearl. Decrease, cast off. Those are lessons as I try to remember how to knit. The goal is to complete a project I started in 1987. Coincidentally, Rey was born in 1987 and I got distracted.

Becca has been trying to bring back my onetime skills so I can finish the sweater. The first lesson has been knitting and pearling a swatch smaller than a hot pad.

At some point, soon, I will have to take the leap back into the actual project.

Overall I have to give this trip a big thumbs up. From relearning skills to mundane household tasks (dishes, laundry) to new and exciting recipes to Netflix series (Stranger Things and The Good Place) to house hunting, and of course, baby holding.

And it’s not over yet!

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