Today we took a brief trip to Nashville. 3 stops.1. Anylabtest – this was a bit of a bust. Carl needs to periodically get his blood tested for thinness. That is that it is thinner than normal, but not too thin. He wouldn’t bleed for our home test, so off to the lab. He wouldn’t bleed there either, after 3 pokes they gave up. He did get permission to wait until he gets back to Seattle. 2. Visit Rey at work- went okay, but Corwin was sleepy and not overly smiley.3. Donate some diapers to tornado victims. There was a donation/distribution site at the Nashville Sounds baseball stadium, so we headed that direction. Following GPS instructions we wound our way through a maze of closed roads and heavily damaged buildings. Really brought the reality of the storm home.On a lighter note We found this at the grocery store. And it stayed in the store.Corwin being his adorable self.

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