Happy Valentine’s Day

Carl and I kissed this morning and went our separate ways. Work and all that stuff.

We will reconvene tonight, and see what happens. We have no specific plans. Maybe we’ll walk, but it could be dark and wet, so maybe stay home.

This is not a holiday where we spend a lot of energy. When the kids were young, and valentines for all of their classmates was de rigueur, the “holiday” would not sneak up. With that said, we both remember one of the best presentations I provided one year long ago.

A square of treasure cave blue cheese, flat on the plate turned 45 degrees. A slice of braunscheiger, cut in half, and place each half circle next to adjacent sides of the blue cheese. Surround the resulting heart with crackers.

I don’t have any pictures, and the last time I looked I could not find Treasure Cave.

We do have some bacon, so maybe a festive BLT. I will share a picture or two from yesterday, as we celebrated Jane’s birthday from afar.

And a few new Corwin sightings

One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. margiegf Says:

    VD is not my favorite holiday at all, yet I don’t like to completely ignore it. Adorable baby!!

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