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March 15, 2020

For our social activities this weekend we took walks in the sunny, but cold, city. During each walk we did a little shopping.

We got ground turkey, olive oil, lemon juice, frozen veggies, broth, etc… What we didn’t find was hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes or lentils! I have learned to get down on my knees to look to the back of the low shelves.

We didn’t need TP. Yet.

And we did have breakfast out. Support our local little restaurant. And we had pizza delivered for Pi Day.

The weather was very brisk, but lovely.

The stores were lively, but the sidewalks were not crowded.

Tomorrow it is back to work. From my dining room. I am hoping for a more effective time than Friday, when I had some technical issues that took at least half the day to manage.