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August 15, 2018

The change of seasons presents an interesting morning decision. It is dawn and the sun will be rising as I drive east to work.

Should I put on my (prescription) sunglasses or not? If I do, the first bit of the drive is dim due to the shades. If I don’t, I may have moments of near blindness due to the sun, or trying to change my glasses while driving in rush hour traffic.

This morning I did not put on the sunglasses. And the sun rose.

But all of the distant fires (eastern Washington and British Columbia) have added an extremely thick haze. I could see the full shape of the sun, and it was red. The haze was thick enough that the lack of sunglasses was tolerable.

The sun as I arrived at work

The air is actually considered unhealthy at this point. Exercising outdoors is not encouraged.

Neither Carl or I have noticed any breathing difficulties, but my eyes feel scratchy.

I hope the fires die down and the wind picks up. Even rain would be acceptable.