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Catching Up

August 5, 2018

There are a few chores that have fallen by the wayside over the summer. I am constantly reminded of one in particular. WEEDING

I decided that I would attack just one stretch this morning, before it got too hot. I didn’t take a before picture, but a partial one. It’s like raking leaves, you can see your progress.

The large bare area being cleared is supposed to get strawberries, eventually.

Checked out the vegetables as well, picking two tomatoes and one zucchini.

Find the zucchini

After a lunch break we set out on a walk. These have not happened since the 2nd knee episode, but we decided to go. A bit more than 2 miles, and it included some hills. (That’s what happens when you follow the shade into a ravine. You eventually have to climb out.)

It’s been a while, so the rest of the afternoon may have a bit slower pace.