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Baseball Day Out

August 13, 2018

But not the Mariners!

Although we did check their progress online. Instead we went to a Silver Fox game to see friends, both on and off the field. Carl’s team, for all of 1 game this year, prevailed.

Next up was a single-a Everett Aquasox game with a group of Mariner fans who Carl hangs around with, usually at a stadium. The Frogs! And they lost. Even the mascots lost to a little boy ( seen leading the pack on the left.)

It was a reasonably nice day, but I was ready to go home when the game finally ended.

Oh, and there was a wedding. Friday evening. A lovely affair, on the water (like Rey and Becca’s), but no beach. And the boats were a bit larger than kayaks.

Speaking of wedding pictures. Here’s one of the Root and Arrow photos from the wedding a bit earlier this summer. Just a taste for now.

Jay, Rey, Becca, Cheryl and Tony.

There were kayaks. Trust me.

And just for grins, here are 2 of the 3 Harms boys. Bruce could not make it.

Steve and Carl