Since Carl is busy being a grandfather, I am tasked with more chores than usual.

Thursday it was lovely outside. Instead of walking at lunch I did a little yard work. We have a camellia. It’s huge by my standards and needs to be pruned way back. But when it blooms the color is spectacular. Until it is carpeting the grass and beds. Then it really needs to be picked up.

This weekend I was outside a lot on Saturday and inside on Sunday. Weather dictated my plans. There was more sun on Sunday than predicted, but it was chilly. And raining even as the sun shines, so I am in a rainbow.

The chores? Shopping, mailing letters, cleaning and organizing. I went through my jewelry box and sorted out several pieces I know I won’t wear. And hanging pictures that have been lounging around the house for far too long.

On my Saturday sojourn to the farmer’s market I spied a new Henry artwork. It is only a few blocks from our house, over a new record store.

And the garden is continuing to bloom.

Baby, the older brother, Baubei, parents Mama and Baba, and grandpa Baba Carl are all doing well. The older folks are all a bit tired, but that is to be expected. And the baby attended his first baseball game today. The Nashville Sounds at 7 days old. That beats Rey who saw his first Mariner game at 8 days.

And now I must attend to the cooking chore.

One Response to “Chores”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love those orange tulips! It has gotten too cold for yard work; I’m glad I also did lots of weeding and some mowing on Thursday. Baba Carl has all the luck to be there with the family while you have the chores. Wahhh!

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