More Spring – More FAMILY

Orginally written on Saturday. But it’s Monday now. Apparently I never finished or hit publish.

What has changed, hmmmm


Other than that, Saturday’s news can stand. The baby arrived, quickly, but right on time. Carl said they left the house at 10:15 AM and the baby arrived at 11:31 AM. Baby and Mother and Father are doing well.

I was actually a bit giddy all day.

Back at the ranch Carl and Corwin are getting to know each other better. Corwin is feeling out how much he can push Carl around while wondering where his Mama and Baba have disappeared to. Tomorrow should be equally confusing when a new brother makes his appearance.

Saturday’s version, rather boring

Last week was busy for both Carl and I.

My busyness was primarily work related, but it was good to make progress through a few sub-projects.

Carl’s busyness was focused on getting his home projects to pausing points. He is now off for about 3 weeks. Hanging with his grandchild/ren. And Rey and Becca. He also prepped food for me. Frozen burgers, chili, chicken in the refrigerator. We’ll see how well I do.

Usually when we travel we leave in the morning. Today it was a late afternoon flight, so there was time for errands. And a walk.

We decided to go check out the cherry blossoms at the UW. It seems that a lot of folks had the same idea.

Our little garden. North side of the house, notice the moss.

I’m surprisingly proud that someone stopped to take a picture of the tulips.

My final days errand after dropping Carl at the airport was to drop some old material objects at Goodwill. Most were beyond reuse, but they do threadcycle too. The correct location for our worn pillow top mattress pad.

2 Responses to “More Spring – More FAMILY”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Congratulations on the new grandson! Have they named him yet? Exciting for everyone!!

  2. Jan miller Says:

    Congrats on your new grandson!!

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