Spring in Seattle

Today is a very nice spring day. It has been nice off and on, but frequently with wind or rain hot on the sun’s heels. I drove home one day in sun and rain, together.

Guardian of the Blooms

Work is back to one day a week in the office. Two days a week starting in April, and finally three days after May 7th. Three days is only partially a slow transition, and more waiting for the office carpet replacement project to be completed. About 25 years and it is time for an update. This also means sorting through 25 years of paperwork. Scanning, shredding, retaining and archiving. I filled a janitor sized recycle bin last Thursday. Much was plans from other utilities that had been updated. Previous cleaning had seen the last of several versions of daytimers from 1987 forward to the advent of my computer calendar. And decades of meeting notes. Copies of District Comprehensive Plans (I always retain at least one hard copy, and am making sure scanned versions are available. ) Requests for service were reviewed. If connected, to the log and destroy pile. If not, keep for scanning and reference when the next request is received. All of this sandwiched in with the current workload. But it is a good exercise. One of my coworkers refers to this as pre-retirement work.

And my peripheral interest in March Madness is waning as the St. Peter Peacocks have seen their Cinderella run ended. While the Peacocks run killed several brackets, our daughter-in-law Becca picked them to win it all. She traditionally bases her picks on the team mascots.

And finally, Nymph in 3 tries and 30 minutes. If you know you will understand. If not, let it go.

One Response to “Spring in Seattle”

  1. Margaret Says:

    3 for me as well although I got the French wordle in 2. Bombed at Worldle but who in the world knows those obscure Antarctic territories? Not me and not even my daughter with the geography PhD. A beautiful spring day today! I should have worked in the flowerbeds.

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