A Few Days of Different

As noted in my last post, I don’t do many of the tedious things that keep the house and home operating. I can however, realize when time is running short, and things just have to get done.

So the first thing I did on Wednesday was go get my second booster. I have had a down day after all of the other shots, so was reasonably expectant that I would be slow on Thursday. Maybe it was because I had so much to do that there was no time to be slow, but I had a much milder response and was able to get moving when the alarm sounded.

I was up, got my hair washed and went grocery shopping before work at 8. It wasn’t a huge shopping, but I am not a professional shopper and can spend precious minutes trying to find one thing. Luckily most of the items on my list were in the produce section. Two events stood out about this particular trip. 1. I had my mask, but didn’t put it on when I got out of the car. I realized it was not on when I passed a person wearing one. By this time my basket had enough in it to make juggling the mask a problem. Since there were only a few others in the store I soldiered on with my nose in view. When it came to checkout, there were no checkers manning any stations, so I headed with my load of produce to the u-scan. And figured out how to get them all coded to in correctly. Have I mentioned I don’t shop much? I only went shopping because a friend was going to be visiting and staying for 1 to who knows how many days.

Which is the real reason behind so much busyness. We have not had much company over the last two years. Straightening, dusting, clearing and cleaning. It’s important to have folks over from time to time.

Dennis was up for the Mariners Home Opener. We walked to light rail and took the train to the stadium. I was probably a bit anxious about Dennis’s walking speed (he uses a cane), but I over padded my estimates of time and we were first in line.

It was good to see a few folks we only see at ball games, and a bit of pomp. I am happy to say the Mariners beat the Astros 11 to 1! It was pretty good weather (no rain, hail or snow) but still chilly. I was five layers and could have used one more.

Pomp for the Home Opener
Section 106
Fez Doug and standin for Fez Carl

For the trip home Dennis and Jim and I snagged a ride with Kevin. It should have been uneventful. However, after dropping Jim at his car at Northgate we noticed a man lying in the road in the middle of an intersection. Kevin thought it was a blanket at first. With a fair amount of traffic including buses, and a lot of cars from folks arriving at the light rail station from the game. We stopped and I got out to see if he was ok. He said no, so Kevin kept the car in the intersection to provide some protection from other vehicles while I called 911. They said I was not the first call and they would dispatch someone when they were available…… Apparently this person had been walking around the intersection blocking traffic and then held onto a bus for a while before gently falling to the ground, where we happened upon him. I am fairly sure he was under the influence, and it was not alcohol. He said he needed help, but really wanted a cigarette, and was actually getting belligerent with people. Others stopped, a nurse among them. He wasn’t in obvious distress, although he must have been cold. After a bit I called 911 again. I was really cold and we couldn’t just leave. A Security person with one of the transit agencies did come over and helped to direct traffic. Finally after 20 or more minutes a police car arrived and we were able to leave. I don’t think we really did much to help him other than keep him from getting hit by a car. And if I had a cigarette I would have put it on the sidewalk to entice him out of the street. Hopefully the cops will get him someplace warm for the night. What he really needed was social services.

We are back to our warm houses, and ready for sleep.

3 Responses to “A Few Days of Different”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It feels weird not to wear a mask. I generally still do pick up although I’ve been out and about more than I used to since I got that second booster. The third shot hit me the most; the fourth gave me a bit of tiredness and spaciness but not the splitting headache and chills that I had with the third. I did switch to Moderna for my 4th shot which may have made a difference. Scary and sad about the man in the road. 😦

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I’m sure you were fine without your mask. A lot of folks at the stores I shop in are not wearing one. But a cautionary tale. My boss was out ALL LAST week with breakthrough covid. She was vaxxed and boosted and I *think* she got a second booster but can’t remember. I am still masking. I have gotten as far as the store door a couple times without one and went back to my car to get mine. Sigh.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    P.S. Good on you to try to help that person in the street.

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