Shepard’s Art transformed

Otis Shepard was a graphic artist. He did a lot of work for P.K. Wrigley, of chewing gum and the Cub’s ballpark fame. He was responsible for the art on the Cub scorecards for over a 30-year period. Carl really likes his art in general and his scorecards in particular.

My sister Anne is an artist in her own right. Quilting for example. She gifted Carl with these quilts of several of the scorecards. These are awesome.

For a much better view go to Mark’s blog He provides good pictures of the individual blocks, and of the original Shepard artwork.

Carl’s current art form, as most of you know, is fun with food. It’s a fleeting, temporary format. He has been doing this for decades as well. Our kids were on the receiving end many times, and apparently remember. Rey recently tried his hand with the tried and true initials. For his son.

Rey had carried his creation of arranged orange slices to show Becca, passing by Corwin. If you look to the side of Rey, you can see his reaction. Those oranges must be really good.

One Response to “Shepard’s Art transformed”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Finding and making art out of the moments of life is very meaningful.

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