Party Time

What better way to end the weekday work week than a party. Our party of choice was a decidedly laid back birthday for the neighbor boy turning 5.

The guest of honor was late to his party. The reason was that he wasn’t done handing out frozen blueberries to his fellow preschool mates. It’s apparently important to turn your tongue and fingers blue.

Not that it stopped the kids from playing or adults from chatting. The kids were fine. Some of us adults were shivering a bit. The party was outside and by and large people were masked. Even the 2 year old. It seemed like no big deal for the kids. Of course masks were lowered for the eating of the cake, but we were pretty well distanced.

Presents were not expected, but we decided to get a little something. Carl took care of Conor one afternoon. He took his hot wheels track, and it amused Conor for several hours. So we decided he could use some hot wheels track of his own.

It turned out to be the hit of the party. Sometimes you get it right.

Penny, the dog, observing the pile of cars that have made their run. Conor, in teal, directing the next run.

And yes, hot wheels track is not just orange any more.

And we are partied out.

3 Responses to “Party Time”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a very fun party! Frozen blueberries–I didn’t realize those would turn you blue.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Breaking News!
    Oh no, There’s a pile-up at the base of one of Seattle’s many bridges! Fortunately, there were no reports of injury.

    • raincharm Says:

      Most of the kids were more interested in putting the cars on the track and watching them slide. They did extend the length a few times. And Conor has a lot of cars!

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