What a difference

… a day makes. Change can be good.

Yesterday I was in a state when I woke. A situation with snafus piled on top of each other. Miscommunications as we were passed from one “advisor” to another. We thought we were clear, but apparently we were speaking with an accent.

I wrote a rather tersely worded email on what we thought should happen. Even suggested a potential solution.

In the midst of my key banging, Carl delivered breakfast. I set it down with the same energy I was typing. Needless to say, his artistic efforts suffered.

The email apparently hit the right note. By the evening they were working towards a solution. Not mine, but I only wanted a solution, not necessarily mine.

This morning’s artistic endeavor recieved treatment commensurate with solutions being found, and much calmer keystrokes.

And today we transitioned from a 32 degree fog, to sunny and cool at lunchtime. Good enough for a walk.

One Response to “What a difference”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m dealing with frustrations too although not work related. It was so nice to see the sky!

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