Joint of the Day

What did the title bring to mind?

Marijuana? Not so much. More, ankle, elbow, shoulder or knee. As in what is hurting today.

And, while I have my share of issues, Carl’s history of abusing his body over several decades means this really applies to him. Nonetheless, he continues to work out almost every day.

I continue to work almost every day. It has been relentless. Including at least one day every weekend. Working from home makes this almost normal. I don’t have to think about what to take home on Friday, it’s already here. Honestly, work is not so much about hours spent, as projects and requests moved forward. I won’t say completed, as some projects go on for years. Even decades.

This weekend has been relatively dry. Cold, and foggy, but not raining. And we were able to get long walks in each day. It helped that we made them both start our days, which avoided avoidance.

A few sights from today.

We walked around Green Lake for the first time in forever. They cleared the encampments from the west side of the lake that had been keeping us at bay.

Cold as it is, spring is peeking.

2 Responses to “Joint of the Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Definitely cold and foggy here too, but I also went for a walk. Joints hurting seems particularly bad during the damp days of winter.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
    Eyes and ears, and mouth and nose,
    Head and shoulders, knees and toes!
    I hope Carl feels better soon, –Anne

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