Both of us are struggling a bit to adjust back to home life. Bits of energy and getting the list checked, interspersed with tired times.  I just suggested it was bedtime, only to realize it is barely past 7.

One of the tasks today was to pass a test. We did our home version and scored two negatives. Yeah!

This was a step I felt I should take before going back to the office. We tried to be careful and mask if we were around folks, especially inside. But there were a lot of places with people over the last few weeks.  The wedding was basically vaccinated. On the mass transit and plane who knows, but masks. I will never figure out why people can’t manage to keep their masks over their nose. For those that keep adjusting them up, over and over again, find one that fits, we are in this for the long haul. For those that are just putting on whatever show they want that includes their nose, why bother to pretend you care.

I will admit the test really messed with me. I was on the verge of sneezing while it was inserted, and it made my eyes water uncontrollably. I also sneeze when I look at the sun, so I wasn’t completely surprised.

Back to work tomorrow. I was going to check on a schedule issue and send out an email tonight, but could not log on. Carl correctly noted that it was probably a power outage issue. One of the predicted storms blew through this afternoon, literally. We did not lose power at our house, but think we heard a nearby transformer blow. Or maybe thunder. I imagine power has been restored at work, and we do have a generator, but somebody needs to turn the computer back on. It will be me, tomorrow morning.

It’s now 7:36. Too early for bed?

One Response to “Adjusting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have one of those tests too although I haven’t taken it. I may once I get home, although I’m feeling fairly safe since we’re not going out anywhere. The triple shots have helped with my confidence too. It’s not too early for bed when dealing with a 3 hour time difference!

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