Travel Day

We are riding with Rajesh to JFK, terminal 4. I thought a ride would be easier, and more predictable than once again figuring out the subway and airtrain. As we poke along in a traffic jam I am rethinking my premise. The trains run, predictably, most of the time. They also cost less.

This morning we are fine for time, and the cost is a drop in the bucket for this trip. Perhaps if we had been riding subways every day, my confidence would have been higher. We have managed it before.

At the gate, Dunkin Donut coffee. Not as good as Starbucks, and a fairly long wait.

Sunrise over JFK

Once in Seattle we did choose the almost familiar Light Rail, the 1 Line. The walk from the station has decreased from 2 miles to about 1/3 mile.

Almost the entire length of the current light rail line. Airport to neighborhood

We thank all those that sheltered us and shared time, ideas and energy.

Suitcases have been emptied, mail sorted but not dealt with, and grocery ordering about to commence. It’s nice to be home, but I think it will be an early evening.

One Response to “Travel Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That light rail is awesome! John and I have used it several times. I intended to do a taxi from JFK to Grand Central but there were NONE. So, I ended up spending a bit more money for an Uber. I’m very comfortable with the Metro North train but not so much with the subway.

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