Spent a lazy morning with Ashlan.

Theo, helping us lounge

Lounging around, watching episodes of the Task Master, and trying to give lessons on how to deflate and fold the queen size air bed so it could be successfully be placed into the bag that came in the box with the air mattress.

Mind you, it was not in the bag, but in a box, so there is no proof it will actually ever fit in the bag. There are also no instructions at all, for inflation, deflation or tips on folding. We have successfully inflated the bed for 4 nights. The deflation and folding techniques are improving each day. Tomorrow will be the real test as we are hoping to be picked up by an Uber at 6 AM, so there is a deadline.

Ashlan was quite a bit tired so Carl and I set out on a walk by ourselves. First up was the post office. We have been there before and it is only a few blocks away. Next was Trader Joe’s for some travel snacks. We have been there before too, but it is a bit further away. Next Carl suggested we try to get back to the waterfront. We dithered a bit and paid close attention to streets where we turned.

I don’t know if this surfboard is ever used, but it makes a handy sign post for me.
I just liked this sign

Eventually we spotted the Empire State Building and knew that was on the other side of the water, so at least now had the direction of travel figured out. Success was in our grasp.

Waterfront View

Our attempts to recreate Ashlan and Allen’s professional pictures with the Long Island City sign on Pier 1

Jay is shaded, Carl is blocking the middle of the sign
More, or less, both in the sun, sign is cut off
Both in the picture and in the sun, but no idea what the sign says

After a short stay we turned about and headed home. We even located the restaurant we are planning to dine at tonight so we could get an estimate of the time to walk there.

In total our walk was just under 7500 steps on a warm afternoon (70s). We were really ready to get off of our feet. This was about the time we discovered Ashlan’s modern apartment building had been transformed into a walk-up. 6 floors later we were truly ready to get off of our feet.

Casa Enrique was our dinner destination. It is only 2 or 3 blocks from the waterfront we visited earlier, so back out we went. It was about an hours wait for an outside table for four. No reservations. And it was worth the wait.

Pollo enchiladas mole.

Tomorrow is an early rising, so time to inflate the bed.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a LOT of walking, but what fun to see the city that way as much as possible. That cat is gorgeous!

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