Queensboro Bridge from Ashlan and Allen’s apartment
The Vessel
The Vessel, with perspective
On the Highline
Legal Graffiti Artist
Find the Kingdome
On the Highline, looking at the Little Island
Entrance to the Little Island
Little Island glade
Something that can be played, in the Playground, on the Little Island
Looking back at the Little Island tulip supports
Tulip Supports Close Up

We actually got on the subway today. I thought perhaps we might make it through our few days here just walking. I don’t have any reason to avoid the subway, it just seemed like we weren’t heading that direction. But the Little Island, a new park on the east side of Manhattan, beckoned.

After departing the 7 train, we headed past a new attraction, the Vessel, in the Hudson Yard area. The Vessel is not open to visitors at this time. Apparently too many folks were utilizing its height for a quick exit. But it is quite something to look at.

Next stop was the High Line. Unlike my first visit several years ago, we entered without climbing steps, near the north end. I think we traversed almost the entire length, finally descending to street level once again. We had overshot our target by a few blocks, and walked to the main entrance to the Little Island.

Little Island is a fairly new, privately funded, park. We started off with a lemonade, and then wandered the different areas of the park. It was a popular spot, but not overly crowded. On weekends you have to reserve a time.

All of the walking meant we were hungry, and we settled on tacos, tostado and quesadillas from Los Tacos No. 1 in the Chelsea Market.

Back on the subway and a few errands later we were back in the apartment. For dinner Ashlan prepared burgers and fries. I have not had homemade fries for many years. They were a treat.

To round out the evening we watched the movie Soul. It was quite good and a nice way to end the evening.

One Response to “NYC”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoyed the Highline last time I was in NYC. I miss visiting Ashley there; Poughkeepsie is OK, but not much culture.

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