We hung out with Ashlan and Theo today. Did some laundry, and answered some emails.

Eventually we ventured out and walked to the waterfront again. No shopping today, although we did pick up a sheet of postcard stamps.

We stayed for the sunset, although it was fairly tame as sunsets go.

Stuyvesant Town in the foreground. Ashlan was living there during Hurricane Sandy
Sunset- World Trade Center 1 – tallest building on the left

Ashlan did prepare a lovely chicken leg, kale and potato meal. Carl is working on turkey burgers for dinner.

We have also been introduced to the show Task Master. Fun for all.

One Response to “Walkies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like it’s a great visit. Weather isn’t good back home, so we’re lucky to get some nicer days. (although that appears to be changing)

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