Many Days and Missed Stops

Starting with today. It’s easiest to remember. We ventured out between the raindrops to get some exercise and do some exploring. The new light rail extends north to Northgate, which has been in a perpetual state of destruction and construction for the last several years. The mall has a few remaining businesses around its periphery, but a large section has been rebuilt as the Kraken Community Iceplex. So we decided to explore the area a bit.

We saw two rinks, one in use for youth team practices, and the second for general public skating. These were rinks 2 and 3. We didn’t see Rink 1. Perhaps we didn’t explore enough or it is out of view for Kraken practice. There is also a Starbucks and the 32 Bar and Grill.

Northgate “Mall” is still very much a work in progress. In its current state, being a pedestrian trying to go from one area to another is challenging. Lots of parking, most of it now requiring payment, but it is difficult to see the entire picture at this time. Maybe in a few more years.

The Northgate light rail station is directly across the freeway from North Seattle (Community) College, and a new pedestrian bridge was built as part of the station.

North Seattle Community College is where Carl took his Early Childhood Education classes. It was also home to the Coop classes we did with each kid. And the parking lot is where I taught the kids to drive with a stick shift.

After this bit of exploring we decided to take the train back to our neighborhood.

All was good. Only one stop. Except we were both distracted, and used to travelling for multiple stops. As the doors were closing on the Roosevelt Station I realized our mistake. So we exited at the U District Station instead. It added about 3 or 4 blocks to our walk, but we got to stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home.

Back in the house, watching soccer and sorting baseballs for archiving.

That was today. During the last two weeks the baseball season ended. The World Series went 6 games. We gathered with our baseball friends for 4 of the 6 games. All 4 we were together were won by the Atlanta Braves. Coincidence? No, no superstition in baseball.

On one of the days without baseball, gathered or not, we got to go to our first Kraken (NHL) game at Climate Pledge Arena at the Seattle Center. As part of their efforts to encourage fans to get out of their cars, the transit passes were included with the ticket. On your phone. Also on your phone you were supposed to have your vaccination status, on the Clear app. Vaccination was required for entry.

Getting the tickets onto the phone was relatively painless, once you downloaded the Kraken app. The Clear vaccination bit was more complicated. First you took pictures of your ID. Then a selfie so you could be matched to your ID. There were several rules for the selfie; don’t smile, hold steady and no glasses. The no glasses really slowed me up because it would flash directions and suggestions, but I couldn’t read them because – no glasses. Then a facial scan and finally vaccination information. Whew. And then repeat for Carl. The issue with Carl was his phone was almost dead and couldn’t take a focused picture until we plugged it in. They do have a tent where you can show your card, but a friend said the line was long and the process slow enough that they completed the app process while in line.

Starting at the Roosevelt Station

So we walked to the light rail, and got off at Westlake. Climbing a few flights in the Westlake Mall to the Monorail. Who thought this one stop relic of the 1962 World’s Fair would be an integral part of the transit system 60 years later. Monorail to the Seattle Center, and a short walk through the rain to the Arena.

On the Monorail

The game was fun. Since we were masked, there wasn’t much temptation to snack, although we did share a beer. Mannys from a tap, served in an aluminum cup. More recyclable. The Kraken beat the Minnesota Wild 4-1.

To get home we did the transit thing in reverse. However, instead of the fans arriving over an hour or two, everybody left at one time.

Line for the Monorail extending through the Armory.

The wait really wasn’t all that long. Two Monorail cars running, and no pushing or shoving. Again just scanned the transit pass from the ticket on your phone. The interesting thing was there were different barcodes to scan for Monorail, light rail, bus and a few other transit options.

In other fun, there was Halloween. Our neighborhood blocked off the street for 3 hours and held a limited contact trick or treat event. Carl repeated his baseball player delivery of Origami “baseballs” with a piece of candy tucked inside. We had about 60 visitors, and the delivery method was given high marks. The best was a group of 8 young teen girls. They were enthusiastic and 7 of the 8 caught the pitch.

And don’t forget to fall back tomorrow morning.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ve been busy! It sounds like quite a process to attend a game though. I like Manny’s although I prefer Mac and Jacks.

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