Off of work. Two weeks, except for the part where I check emails, to keep them in check, and to put out fires. And a City Council meeting where I am making a presentation.

It has been a really busy week. The pressure of time away from the desk has a tendency to force efficiency, and a reckoning of what really needs to get done, and what can wait. Even yesterday and this morning, cleaning up and filing was happening. One less thing to catch up when the workday returns.

On the baseball front the Mariners once again are not in the playoffs. They got close, and had a chance through the last day of the season. So close we had to pay for our playoff tickets. Oh well, once again… wait until next year. I BELIEVE.  I BELIEVE.  I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN.

The second to last game was especially fun. These games remind me why we keep coming back. And we will, especially now that the 2023 All Star Game is going to be in Seattle. Maybe by then things will be more “normal”, whatever that looks like.

Those yellow bits are BELIEVE signs

Carl also continued his tradition of giving away baseballs he has gathered during the season to kids. Except,  of course, it didn’t happen last year. This year’s total was 70.

One of the things I can say about being places where masks are worn, as I choose to do at work. It decreases my coffee consumption, and to a lesser extent, finishing lunch.

On to fall. More as the 2 weeks progresses.

One Response to “Off”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great tradition; glad it’s back! I don’t snack much when I’m wearing a mask. So, my long flight to NYC will be free of goodies. 😦

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