Day 1

A busy of a different sort.

  • Wake up early or late, depending on your time zone, without benefit of an alarm
  • Ride to Dad’s place from Dad.
  • Brunch – included steak. More like a dinner.
  • Walk- tried one of Dad’s loops down by the river and back.
  • Zoomed with a sister. On an Apple product, where I could not figure out how to paste the invitation into an email. Ctrl V? Just kept typing v. So I took a picture of the url and texted it.
  • Mask and tube shopping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Weight shopping
  • Wrestling with DirecTV and MLB to try to watch the game. Finally managed it after only a few bad words.
  • Now to remember how to work an induction burner. I am the cook because apparently induction and pacemakers are not compatible.
Air BNB TV, with a few streaming services
Game on the computer

Funny story about being picked up this morning. The area is a bit of a spaghetti bowl of roads, and the street signs can be confusing. Carl & I had gone out front to wait for the pickup. Dutifully wearing our masks. Dad pulls up and rolls down the window. And starts to ask if we know where the house address is for where we are staying. I pulled down my mask and said, “Dad, it’s me.” We all had a good laugh.

Mind you, he was using a paper map to get into the neighborhood, and no phone in use. And I later saw the intersection with 2 street signs with different street names if you tuned left or right, on opposite corners. If you have seen one sign, would you look for a second?

One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very busy in my mind! The dad story was funny. I wouldn’t look for another sign. I also struggle with Apple products, even my iPhone at times.

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