Some notes from our time in Ann Arbor.

We have been getting to know the All Seasons set up. Each apartment has a few shelves outside its entrance. Dad is using this as a revolving showcase.

World Art

Luckily, we were here for the change in installations.

Angels and Demons (little one on the lower shelf)
The Man Himself

There’s a fair amount of art in the hallways, several like this of different houses. This one is along the route to Dad’s room. It reminded him and me of a house at 7th and Liberty. When I walked to elementary school it was my favorite house. It has a turret!

The similarities were strong enough that Carl and I took a drive to see the house.

The real thing. With a balcony for rent.

It is close, and definitely the same style, but not an exact copy. I would spruce the real one up a bit too. I think the color has been changed as well and is drabber.

We have been walking a lot, and getting to see the fall nut harvest. The biggest are the black walnuts, but also acorns and others.

Some kind of a nut
Another nut
Tree art. Or art in trees.
Tiny puffball
Big puffball
Fleming Creek
I thought it was a sculpture. And then it moved.

Almost every day we have walked in part of County Farm Park. Lots of trails, and a fitness course.

Forest fitness challenge

We also had the pleasure of getting together with a friend from kindergarten and her husband. Catching up and planning another rendezvous in less than a year. No pictures, just didn’t think about it while they were here.

And it is now time to start packing again!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You are seeing wonderful sights! Your dad looks great.

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