We watched a movie Friday night, at home. Dreamland. I say that only because it may have contributed in some small way to a dream I had last night. Very non-sequitor, as many dreams are.

The dream included a rented red Volvo station wagon, a dead woman in the back of said car, blood on the sidewalk just outside of the back of the car, several driveways on our block – but not necessarily in the correct order. A woman I work with, one of our neighbors, another friend walking by with 6 or 7 of her friends, 4 tickets to a Sounders game taking place that day (these were paper tickets and at least one was no good). There was also a lunch packed by Carl for the soccer game including a couple large plastic bags of popcorn, boxed sandwiches and a few other bits; except that we could only take in what we carried in our pockets. And we were driving the Volvo with the body in the back. At some point we realized the soccer game was not going to be a successful trip, so invited everyone to gather on the back deck, so we could be outside (Covid precautions). Heading back by the two houses and about 5 driveways there were numerous neighborhood children out playing, I was trying to figure out chairs, dishes, food and masks.

I can figure where some of the pieces of the dream come from. Others not so much. And why the thought of contacting the police or dealing with the body never played a big part.

I described the dream to Carl after I woke up. In response he asked me if I had seen the police body cam video of an officer eating a whole tray of donuts.

Blinging shoes is the primary task for the weekend. All necessary pieces have been obtained.

3 pair

But first we went to purchase a pair of shoes for Carl. And since that took us out of the city, across the bridge and lake, we decided to take our walk in a park on an island. It’s a big island, a city itself. A great idea. So great we had trouble finding a parking space. Once walking, it was not really crowded. There are courts, playgrounds, off leash dog areas, piers for fishing from, beaches and trails. It was a very nice walk, and warm. With no tents, encampments or litter. Luther Burbank Park if anyone wants the details.

Carl has his own project this weekend, getting ready for the Mariners last homestand. The very last game of the regular season is Kids Appreciation Day. Carl always takes balls he has gathered during the season, and hands them out to kids. His prep work. It’s not all of the balls, because he gives most away the same day he gets them.

Don’t look for the donut video, it doesn’t exist. Carl made it up. It sounded funny and almost plausible. Or maybe part of a movie or dream.

One Response to “Dreamland”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    The shoes en masse are so sparkly! Thank you so much for being the Project Manager for this! Your shawl is knit, but not sparkly.

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