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September 20, 2021

About one fourth of my project is complete. Saturday’s fun. That is one of four pairs. I couldn’t proceed on Sunday because I was missing one piece or another.

This was just as well as I had a bunch of work to do. And basically spent a full 8 hours at that. It helped that the weather was a bit, or a lot rainy, depending on the 5 minutes in question. We did manage to squeeze a walk in during the afternoon.

In other developments, we were checking on Carl’s suits. Carl’s suits are only worn once in a very great while, with instances separated by years. We pulled them out of the closet, and the pants for each of the 2 pair were motheaten. One of the two suit coats fit, and the one that didn’t also had a few moth holes. We did manage to pull together an outfit that should work for a wedding. Or a funeral. These are really the occassions where it might get used.

All of this is for an October wedding of one of our nephews and his SO. We are excited to go. And worried. And excited for them. And worried. And just plain confused on what is best to do. When we made our plans we were sure this situation would be in our rearview mirror. Instead we are investing in OTC Covid tests and comfortable masks.