Back in Seattle, and now back at the ballpark.

Hopefully we won’t get no-hit tonight.

Our time in Colorado was very family focused. First on Bob. Then there was a shift to trying to help with Jeanne, who would probably benefit from being in a good, secure memory care facility. I have been trying to assist by working on paperwork (my specialty) and phone calls to locate potential homes.

On the Bob front, we moved his things out of Mackenzie Place. It’s amazing what fits into a small space. We tried to sort between important papers, special family pieces, pictures and basic furniture and fixtures. One full day, plus a little, a U-haul, van and Jeep. Next it was on to paying bills and closing service accounts.

The most vexing was Verizon who thought we should have to go to a store to pay the bill and cancel the account. All because Bob couldn’t get on the phone. I told them he was DEAD. No love, so I changed tactics and, as Bob, I created an on-line account, paid the bill, and cancelled the account through live chat.

The best was the New Yorker. Bob had a prepaid subscription through February 2023. Without me even suggesting anything they asked where they could send the refund check. I figured I would be asked to donate the issues like the Coloradoan did.

Saturday was our travel day. It started with a flat tire, but that was the worst thing that happened to us. Cars, buses, a plane, and an unexpected ride home from the airport by my carpooler.

Sunday was Carl’s opening day at the ballpark, and my day to catch up on a weeks worth of work. I had a big presentation on Monday, so I had to get it done. I sent it out a bit after midnight. We edited it at 1 PM and presented at 3:30.

So I have been in recovery mode for the past few days. Going to bed early. Tonight will be the test, to see if I can make it through the game.

One Response to “Back”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Century Link (phone) was a big issue for me with my late husband and step-grandma. They wanted an original death certificate.

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