Finally, a walk

Not overly warm, but sunny today. With the workday in the rearview mirror, we struck out for a stroll. Down the steps, 300 or so, then up the incline and hills on the return trip.

This library was one of several on the route, and the only one with a book that tempted me. I have read, or had read to me, several Terry Pratchett, and I do enjoy them. I am fairly certain, “Guards! Guards!”, is among them. Plus I still have a few in line, waiting.

The Mariners have departed to other cities, so our evenings are our own. In other ballparks, or actually outside the Belmont ballpark on a hill, Corwin got his first homerun ball. Less than 2 years old, and the addiction may be starting.

First home run

And tonight we’re having steak and potatoes. Really. Steak was on sale somewhere, so we’re living the high life.

One Response to “Finally, a walk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, Corwin looks so grown up! It’s 90 degrees in New York. I miss WA!

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