The family gathered together at Steve’s house on Sunday to be with Bob as he left our current realm. It was very peaceful. We sat, held his hands, and the brothers shared family stories.

A few days earlier

The formalities started yesterday, and will likely continue for a while. We are planning to move the remainder of his things out of the assisted living facility on Wednesday.

And because this trip was not planned well in advance, I am trying to keep up with a bit of work. There is actually a fairly important and pivotal meeting next Monday, and I am not yet prepared.

Working Face

And we are also trying to locate a place in a memory care facility for my SIL. Full time eyes are now required, and for her safety and the health of those who have been caring for her, this is a necessary step. We are trying to help with phone calls, gathering information and… paperwork.

And now this

Snow in May

This is Colorado, so it’s not too out of character, but really!?! It is wet, so it has been melting on the roads. It is just more bothersome visually when driving. Yesterday, thankfully, we did our driving while it was light out, so it was easier to spot the turns on our way hither and yon. We are out in the rural area, streetlights are not common, and driveways are here and there.

We were fortunate to have found an Airbnb about 15 minutes from Steve’s house. It is a cute, compact and comfortable place. Lots of light.

Time to squeeze in a little work before shifting gears back to family.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. It’s felt that way for me this year too. Dealing with one crisis or another. Take care!

  2. jane Says:

    Sorry to hear about Carl’s dad. But very glad you guys got to be with him.

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