Still Tired

The much-anticipated public hearing was last night. The presentation went pretty well. Then, in addition to the 5 written comments recieved there was exactly 1, count them, verbal comment provided. This is the one person who attends almost all of our meetings, almost always comments on something, and had also provided one of the five written comments. There were 15 non-employees in attendance, so that was good. It felt a bit like much ado, although it really is about something. And I feel like I am in recovery today.

We are eligible for the vaccine starting tomorrow, and just before noon today I snagged us appointments for our first shot on Friday evening. What a good employee, if I don’t feel good it will be over the weekend! I also pointed my carpooler (except for this last year) to the site, and his appointment is 20 minutes after ours. No, we are not carpooling.

I was giddy after getting them scheduled. We don’t know which vaccine either. Like opening a present.

I finished a book a few days ago, The Egyptologist, by Arthur Phillips. I enjoyed the story, although I figured out bits of it as I continued to read. I even went back and reread the beginning after I finished it, to see the set up knowing the end. What I can’t figure out is where the book came from. I pulled it off the shelf, figuring it was one of the kids from school days. Rey emphatically said it was not his, and I haven’t spoken with Ashlan. It is also possible it was gifted to me years ago, and got out of view. It happens.

I am currently reading a Sandra Brown mystery. What I would really like is for a warm afternoon to just sit outside and read. Maybe in another month.

And watching a bit of the March Madness. Not sure if Michigan is going to pull out a win against UCLA. And I doubt any of my Michigan family is watching this game since it’s 11:30 PM eastern.

And puzzling.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s very exciting about the vaccine! Most of my friends and family got Moderna, but because mine was through Good Samaritan Hospital, I got Pfizer. They are both excellent! I’ve never read any Sandra Brown mysteries. I’m reading the latest by Anthony Horowitz. It’s not his best so far; I LOVED his other ones. For Book Club, I’m reading Fifty Words for Rain. I’m not sure how I feel about it either; it’s disturbing.

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