Opening Day, er Night

I worked yesterday, the entire day. That is unusual for an opening day of baseball, but this holiday was just a bit different.

We did celebrate, and in trying to add some “normalcy” to the day, we gathered with our seatmates. We went to one house, but stayed in the backyard. And there was no sharing of food and libations. Of course the game didn’t start until 7 PM, so it was past our normal dinnertime. And masks make it harder to eat and drink.

We were expecting to listen to the radio, old style, but finally managed to get a game feed to an I-Pad, through some feed that is not standard. The video feed was ahead of the local radio feed, so we ended up listening to the Giants feed from the video. And of course the I-Pad’s battery died, and then the backup battery died, so we listened to the 10th inning on the radio.

We missed hearing and seeing a diving outfield catch in the top of the 10th to keep it tied, but did listen to the Giant’s pitcher walk in the winning Mariner run.

We didn’t get home until 11:00, and it is a tired morning, but a good tired. The Mariners are still tied for first, and weren’t postponed for either weather or Covid. And tonight we get shot number one.

2 Responses to “Opening Day, er Night”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We will certainly have great stories to tell from this time. We are managing somehow by finding creative solutions to live somewhat normal lives. Yay for shots!

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