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364 days

March 21, 2021

Today would be my Mother’s 92nd birthday.

Instead it is almost a year since she passed away. It has been a long year for so many reasons.

The kitchen on Crest.
A few years later

It is Mom’s birthday, but these two were a team, and the best pictures I have readily available.

An extremely smart woman. Full of opinions, a feminist, traveler, reader and a better gardener than I will ever be.

Miss you and think of you often.

Good things

March 21, 2021

Our number finally came up. Almost anyway. Carl has been in Tier 1B3. They were supposed to be eligible for the vaccine on April 12th. But today, that got moved up to March 31st, AND they added 60-64 into that group to, so my date as well.

Of course, we will still have to find appointments, but it feels much closer, especially for me. I wasn’t even on a schedule before today. It really made me ridiculously happy when I heard the words come out of our Governor’s mouth. I was actually listening to the press conference, something I had been skipping for the last several weeks.

And Carl’s work is in a published book. At least one specific sample.

Page 96

This is one of his projects. Identifying what he thinks is a player’s best game, and sending them a letter remembering their career, and providing a postcard with the stadium on the front, and a box score of the game on the back. He adds some other game trivia. He usually sends two copies and requests the player to sign one and return it.

He has received many back, sometimes with letters in response. Occasionally they even call. Stories of sharing these memories with grandchildren have happened more than once. Most of these players had relatively short baseball careers, and may have had other careers. Their families may not realize they had even been a ballplayer.

Just this weekend he received a call from the wife of a postcard recipient. She said her husband had recently had heart surgery, been in rehab, had some other medical issue, almost ready to come home, and then broke his hip and is still in rehab. She was not able to visit her husband in person due to Covid protocols, but was going to send the card in with a nurse so he could sign. Carl said it wasn’t necessary, but the wife said it absolutely was.

A hobby within a hobby. But it seems to be generally well received by the recipients, so I won’t bemoan our singlehandedly keeping the post office afloat.