364 days

Today would be my Mother’s 92nd birthday.

Instead it is almost a year since she passed away. It has been a long year for so many reasons.

The kitchen on Crest.
A few years later

It is Mom’s birthday, but these two were a team, and the best pictures I have readily available.

An extremely smart woman. Full of opinions, a feminist, traveler, reader and a better gardener than I will ever be.

Miss you and think of you often.

4 Responses to “364 days”

  1. jane Says:

    wow. I guess when you have 3 kids, painting the kitchen cabinets isn’t top priority.
    Did they ever get painted? I can’t remember

  2. Margaret Says:

    My dad died today, so I can relate to the loss. There is never enough time with those we love and cherish.

    • raincharm Says:

      Oh Margaret. I am so sorry. Thinking of you, your mother and daughters, and the rest of the family. I am glad you were able to spend a little time with him recently. But it’s never enough time.

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