Spring or Winter

Just yesterday we noticed signs of spring.

I like these iris, but they bloom so early that we don’t get a lot of chances to enjoy them.
Garlic, for later

And this morning there were snow flurries in the air.

After getting knocked for a loop by the shingles vaccine, we attempted a rebound walk. It was a walk that we have done before, with a hardware store as our goal. Car fob battery, kitchen sink drainer, litter picker. The walk is uphill all the way there, maybe 1-3/4 miles, and downhill all the way back. I was breathing hard almost immediately. After a bit I took off my kn95 mask, and kept the cloth mask on. We double mask when we are going into businesses. That helped, but after a mile I was exhausted. We stopped at a park near our destination to rest and have a bit of something. This park is the second highest point in Seattle. Like I said, uphill. That was enough to get us to the hardware store, and the walk back down home was easier.

The Super Bowl was a reasonable reason to just sit for a while after we returned. We didn’t watch the entire game. We broke about halftime to pickup our dinner, crispy chicken from a local Thai restaurant. And after we got back, we just didn’t get into the game. Perhaps if it had been a bit more competitive.

Back to the grindstone, but we learned that our grandson is now a walker!

Trust me there are steps here.

2 Responses to “Spring or Winter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Exciting about the walker grandson! Mine now likes to climb, pull himself up and stand. It happens so fast! You didn’t miss much by not watching the rest of the game.

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