Winter Cold

We got snow last night, but just a bit. It was a cold dry snow, but it stuck to the little surfaces.

The snow from last night started disappearing. Not melting so much, but almost sublimating into the air. Cold.

It’s been colder in the house too. My work space is next to our non-functional fireplace. It has a vent to the base of the fireplace, as well as the chimney itself. A bit of a draft.

This morning I took action! Well, I suggested, and Carl took action. He found a large box that just fit in the firebox. We filled it with three sleeping bags. Then we draped a blanket over the 2 wood panels that block the entrance to the firebox. They are just propped against the opening, so don’t have a tight seal. The blanket kind of sits more closely against the opening. I do think it helped. I did not turn on our little space heater at all today, and had the last few days.

Just peaked out the window, the snow has started again. This round is expected to be more than yesterday. This alert literally just arrived.

Alert Seattle: Winter Storm Warning issued for Seattle area. Heavy snow, high winds expected. Avoid travel. Safety info:

Thankfully, we have nothing on our schedule. I only hope we don’t lose power at work.

2 Responses to “Winter Cold”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It doesn’t seem like much snow is coming (so far!), but it’s so cold that ANY flakes will stick. I have my fake gas fireplace on.

    • raincharm Says:

      I just checked. Sidewalks are covered, but streets not yet. Tomorrow morning should be interesting. I usually check the neighbor’s roof before I get out of bed.

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