Little Snow

Big snow – little snow. Little snow – big snow.

This means big flakes often result in a small amount of snow, that doesn’t last. Small flakes take their time, but pile up and last. The flake difference reflects the temperature and water content. It is cold today and there is no sign of the snow slowing yet.

4-6 inches at 7 am, based on the apparent amount piled on the back deck railing.

7 AM

Carl shoveled. It was 6 inches, but light snow. Not good enough for snowmen, so a small mountain appeared instead.

I wanted to make chili, so we set out on a 1.5 mile walk to the grocery store for a jalapeno pepper and some other ingredients. Then 1.5 miles back. A bit harder walking than usual due to very uneven surfaces.

On returning, the temperature had warmed enough that we thought a snowman might be feasible. Here is our result. It was a delicate building process because it was still not good packing.

With neighbors, yes it’s still snowing

Our across the street neighbor named her effort Abstract.

A Kardashian? From across the street the eyes looked like eyelashes
Pigzilla, if you are up close

It is quite pretty.

Looking for my iris, in the pot.

Chili is burbling.

For tomorrow’s comfort food

Taxes are well underway. Still waiting for one more form to arrive. It’s not on their website yet either …

And it’s still snowing.

One more errand, supporting the local Indian restaurant at the end of our block. Pick up for dinner tonight.

2 Responses to “Little Snow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a huge and very creative snow creature. I love chili in this kind of weather. I made some for the Superbowl and just finished off the left overs yesterday. We’ve had both the little and the big flakes here today.

    • raincharm Says:

      I think it finally stopped snowing after 6 :30. We walked down to the corner to pick up dinner, and it seemed to have stopped.

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