We got vaccinated today. Dose 1 of 2. But not the vaccine in hot demand. Shingrix for shingles. I had the other less effective version several years ago. Carl has not had any. We have been trying to schedule this in amongst the other medical things, blood donations and the desire for the Covid-19 vaccine. I gave blood yesterday and the Covid-19 vaccines are a distant hope, so now is the time.

That was now yesterday. Today we are both feeling the vaccine effects, as predicted by the pharmacist. Carl had a great deal of trouble sleeping last night so has been napping today. I slept okay, but have the slightly achy feeling now. I told him to do the shot in my left arm, because I have some rotator cuff issues in the right shoulder. Bad decision. I’m not supposed to sleep on my right arm, and now the left arm hurts.

Not major league issues, and the weather is making it easy to stay curled up inside. I caught up on some family arithmetic, and put notes together for a presentation I am giving Monday. The presentation was done, but now I have references, a crutch I may or may not need.

The bloodletting of now 2 days ago was slightly below average. First, I couldn’t figure out how to get into the building. It is next to a construction site, and not very populated at this time. Office tower for UW. I just kept walking around until I found an open door, and security to point us in the right direction. The phlebotomist assigned to me was a pro, but my tiny vein of choice was being difficult. He finally got things aligned and flowing. Except when it slowed way down. I started squeezing the ball almost continuously and was able to finish without further adjustments. Time for the bandage, and now the tiny vein won’t stop flowing. They added a wrap and sent me to the cookie table. When I was getting ready for bed I removed the bandaid, and it started leaking, slowly. We re-wrapped and went to bed.

Bloodletting Viewpoint

Going further back, and probably forward too, it’s all work. I see this continuing for at least a month. Doesn’t it always? Instead of just needing to complete a project, the current focus is on a problem that has a several year solution. I can’t tell where this will go, but I’m along for the ride.

And tomorrow is another day.

2 Responses to “Vaccines”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That shingles vaccine did really hurt, but I did better with it than many of my friends. (they got ill whereas I just had a sore arm) Not long after I’d been immunized, my mom got shingles. That made me very happy that I’d gotten the shots. Hope your vein has stopped leaking!

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