It has been a few days, and I am going to blame warrive. The work was so consuming that I didn\’t walk for three days.ork. This week turned into a workaholic week. If I wasn’t in meetings I was trying to respond to the meetings. One in particular involved an internal group review of a consultant’s report that was very critical. I was not satisfied with just providing the critique, and spent the next 2 days trying to reorganize and provide suggestions for a better presentation. It is a technical piece, and will never have public review, but we do want a report that can be used moving forward. The work was so consuming that I didn’t walk for three days. I feel good about the result, but was more than ready for the weekend to arrive.

If you’re from Seattle, you are probably familiar with, fish from your window at the Edgewater Inn. The Beatles famously partook of this pastime. Our version this summer is pick from your deck. The tomato plants are just tall enough, and producing.

We did get out on a reasonably long walk today. Neighborhood wanderings, but weekend time meant we could get a bit further away.

One theme we encountered was dinosaurs. This particular yard is very clear about sharing their passion.

Please do not feed the dinosaurs

Rockosaurus Rex

Some donations for the dinosaur boy (or girl?)

And then we have the more usual yard. They could be just as passionate, just not as up front.

Fond of triceratops

We passed several garden areas decorated with rock art. This is obviously a relatively new addition.

And then there are the little free libraries. I almost always stop to browse. I had actually put out three books to place in libraries, but managed to walk out the door empty-handed. I found one book in a library that looked interesting, and removed it to take home, and then sanitized my hands.

Several blocks later I found a book I thought I would enjoy more. So I took that book and put the earlier choice back in its place. My Dad called this cross-pollination, and said he practiced spreading the books around on his daily walks. I am not sure if they make it home for him to read in between.

4 Responses to “Cross-Pollination”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    Love the yard decor and the small libraries. We don’t have them in Puyallup, as far as I know. Where I live, we are too spread apart. I remember seeing some in Anchorage.

    • raincharm Says:

      I do think the density of houses helps. We have even seen locations where there are multiples in the space of just a few houses.

  2. jane Says:

    yes, Harry reads the books before putting them in a different library.

    • Jay Says:

      I don’t know. I like the visual of him wandering the neighborhood and just moving books back and forth. Themes in one, cataloging them to his wont.

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