I remember using an oscillating fan in the bedroom to try and cool off hot and humid nights growing up in the midwest. Here in Washington it just doesn’t have the sustained hot conditions that would result in a consideration of AC, which I generally don’t like. But we do have 2 fans. The first is a box fan that has been moved around for a few decades. The second, and now favorite, is a tall oscillating fan, with 3 or 4 speeds. This fan came into our lives when we were living in an apartment for 6 months, and most of our belongings were spread between 3 storage units. The apartment was brand new, but didn’t have good air flow and would get really warm. Even on cold days. It was much easier buy a new fan than to try and extract it from the stuff of our lives. In the end it is lighter, quieter and more flexible in its coverage than old boxy, but we still keep him around.

The fan is quieter, but still creates a backdrop sound that can inhibit clear communication. Example: Ad for Red Lobster, heard as Lead Lobster. That’s a whole lot of claw.

It is also spider season. Going out in the morning I can encounter 5 or 6 just trying to do the watering. On our walk yesterday evening we kept seeing great webs just off to the side.

Carl being a web backdrop

I am not a spider fan, but am not too put off by them either. I attribute this to many trips to the outhouse in the morning that included running with arms pinwheeling to clear the webs strung overnight from the path.

Picking tomatoes is usually a reach through webs too.

Caprese salad

And today I am going to add zucchini to the harvest list.

Little ball zucchini

2 Responses to “Fans”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I found a medium sized, and fast spider in the house this morning, but compared to the bugs in other places, I will be thankful for small mercies. I have an oscillating fan in my bedroom, but I fix it right on where I sleep. I prefer cold sleeping and need a sheet on me, so I do better in the winter. I don’t like hot nights. Luckily, it cools down nicely at night here. I’ve never seen a zucchini like that before!

    • raincharm Says:

      Carl prefers a fan wherever he is situated awake or asleep. I only want them to move air around the house, but not directly at me. So there can be a lot of positioning going on to get it just right.
      We used to have a funnel type spider in our basement sink that was almost a pet. Until one day I decided I didn’t want to share my space anymore and we went on a spider web removal spree.

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