Hot day

This is me after a 3-mile walk.It’s in the 90s today, after 80s yesterday.Other than the walk, our activities have been contained to the morning hours.Carl went to a distanced baseball practice. He hit fungos, batted and pitched. And wore a mask. While the players were staying apart, Carl was the only masked player. I worry, some. I trust him to be cautious.I watered here and there, trying to get the right hoses for limited relocation over the next few warm weeks. We have 4 hoses. The newest full size hose that can reach all across the backyard. It is used for the raspberry patch, nozzle for tomatoes, kale and other individual sites, soaker hose for landscape and zucchini, and an oscillating sprinkler for the lawn. This hose has stout connections and does whatever is asked of it.Then there is a newer spiral hose. I thought it would be light and easy to use, and easier to store. It is light and easy to move around. But it has a small diameter and enough pressure loss through the hose that what comes out of the hose is a trickle compared to what comes out of the faucet. But stretching the hose and turning the faucet all the way on, allows the oscillating sprinkler to water the parking strip, which is narrow.Hose number 3 has a larger diameter and flows well. But it is too short to reach the parking strip. It is currently used for the main part of the front lawn, with the faucet barely on.Hose number 4 is the grand old long, heavy hose. It is likely decades old and has a big diameter and is long enough to reach anywhere. But it is heavy and I think all of the other hoses were an attempt to stop lugging it around. Today I decided to try using 4 in place of 2 and 3 in the front. But I discovered a nozzle on the end that I couldn’t budge. My guess is that it’s less than stout fitting was stepped on at some point, and the nozzle is stuck on a not quite round fitting. I will use vice grips for better leverage, and if that doesn’t work it is gone and we will be down to 3.And I went to step 2 on the garage reorganization. I hung a ladder! It was just putting up two brackets, but there was measuring involved. I was only able to put up set of brackets due to avoiding the garage door track, and staying above the concrete wall.

Ladders, almost as many as hoses

There is a similar wall on the other side, but it is currently blocked by boxes, serving as a friend’s storage unit.I also got rid of one bicycle, given to a neighbor.

5 Responses to “Hot day”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    It was unusually cool here. We walked and then gardened, before it became too hot to be outside.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Garden hoses are one of the banes of my existence. I have to just about completely uncoil our backyard string of 3 hoses every time I water my flowers (which are close) because of a permakink that completely stops the water otherwise. I am not a water engineer so this is about the best description you’re gonna get 😉

  3. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I have an issue with most hoses–too flimsy, too heavy, etc. I also have trouble with sprinklers and always get wet, which in hot temps feels pretty good. Nice to get things done!

  4. RegenAxe Says:

    On the hose theme, if the hose doesn’t flow, check the valve in the basement, it may be in the OFF position!

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