Carl’s funny story (if you like baseball)

One of Carl’s friends is turning 60. Because they can’t have a big party, his friend’s wife (also a friend) asked to have folks send in thoughts and memories so she could put together something for the birthday boy. Carl likes to tell a story of a game that he went to with this friend, so we did a video of the recounting – and sent it over. Because this is really mostly about Carl, we also did a shorter video about how they met. But – since we have it available, I thought I would share.

It was fun putting it together, and we hope he remembers the incident as fondly as we do. I wasn’t there, so I only have the story to go by. But knowing Carl, it is entirely plausible.

Speaking of the Mariners, we do watch them on the tube. Most of the time, and sometimes at a fast forward rate if taped. The number of doubleheaders is way up this year due in small part to team protests of the racism virus and more frequently due to games postponed due to the Covid-19 virus showing up among teams. I just heard someone on the Oakland As tested positive, so the series starting Tuesday is in jeopardy. The most intriguing part of this year’s double headers is shortening them to 7 innings. The flexibility shown in reacting to the unfolding year has been interesting and refreshing.

And one of our baseball buddies tested positive and ended up spending about 4 days in the hospital. He is home now, but sounds like he is exhausted. He was not out carousing or engaging in risky behavior, so it makes me feel the need to be even more cautious. I want to have a successful trip starting in a few weeks, so need to be vigilant. That said, I scheduled giving blood for tomorrow and a flu shot for Tuesday. Not completely a hermit.

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  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    These words have certainly been important during the pandemic: flexible, creative, cautious. Yet managing to live our lives in some kind of different way. Seeing the people we love, even when they’re far away. It can be tricky.

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