We got through another jigsaw puzzle. Colorful again, and challenging, but not quite as entertaining as the butterflies. Still, a calm activity. One piece, two or a session, it got completed.

Here’s Corwin trying to get to his grandpa Carl. At least sort of.

That’s the Carl who attended Rey and Becca’s wedding, while the fuller model was recovering from heart surgery a few thousand miles away. Under the care of the incomparable Nurse Jane.

Walked twice today. The temperature was warm, but the breeze kept it quite nice. Watered today too. The food crops are the main motivation, but the backyard got a drink too.

And work. And Summer Camp baseball as they are calling the major league warmup. Some teams are playing other teams. Yankees/Mets, White Sox/Cubs. But the Mariners are playing themselves. The season starts next Thursday, although the Mariners don’t play until Friday. Carl is practicing too. With a mask, mostly against a wall, but occasionally with teammates in small, socially distanced groups. We don’t know if they will get to play. The area needs to get to Phase 3, and we are firmly entrenched in Phase 2.

It is good to get out a bit here and there, but our choices that we will accept are very limited. I have heard from 2 sources that frisbee golf is a great activity for getting some exercise, playing a game and still being able to be safe.

One Response to “Visions”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    My daughter and her boyfriend do Frisbee golf and enjoy it a lot. Pierce County may be moving back to Phase 1 unless they can get their you-know-what together. Sigh. It’s very hot here; I miss that PNW breeze.

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