Sights of the day

Today was heavy on the work side. Add in a drizzly morning and I only had a few hundred steps by 6:30. That was when my after work, non-work meeting ended. I was on to my next chore, ordering groceries, when Carl asked if we were going to walk.

I am now over 7,500 steps.

Work breakfast

Work lunch

Baseball, front walk style

Favorite political sign so far, and I don’t usually like political signs

And now to do that grocery shopping

One Response to “Sights of the day”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I love that sign too and hope it comes true. No matter what though, we’re in a mess and will continue to be in one. The idiots in this country will still be idiots. 😦 Glad to hear about the drizzle. My lawn back home is dry as a stick.

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