Morning Activity

Had 12,500 steps by 12:30.

Started by watering everything in the backyard, even the grass. The grass only gets an occasional drink, and this was the first augmentation of the year.

10,000 steps were on a walk to drop off our all mail-in ballot, and continue around Green Lake. Other than the ballot drop box we avoided the walking path, sticking to the sidewalks across the street. Much easier to social distance. The real reason for the early walk was to avoid the heat of the afternoon. It’s supposed to hit 80. My dad informed me that would be a cool day in Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, while I am spending a weekend day of leisure, those that are vacationing at the cabin are hard at work. Squirrel access eradication is the chore of the season. That is until the roof leak was discovered, chore 2. The big breakthrough today was verifying at least one point of access. And finding a second possibility, also addressed.

Head poking out over some old foam

Now plugged.

But the benefits of spending time at the beach was getting a pretty good view of the comet, looking as though it will land in Canada.

Note: All pictures are from Mark and Pooh, used prior to asking permission.

And now, back to a crossword puzzle from mid-June. Fully Covid free by now. Or work on the current jigsaw puzzle.

2 Responses to “Morning Activity”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    That’s an amazing number of steps. I’ve been trying for 10,000 every day, but it’s so hot here. Today it’s 100 and I only have 7,200 so far, unless I go out again this evening. There are always so many projects with cabins in woodsy areas. I will get back in time to vote! I’ve heard that the voters’ pamphlet is quite entertaining.

    • raincharm Says:

      I started reading all of the 30-some governor candidates. It was entertaining for a while, but I had other things to do. The part I found more interesting was the “party choice.” Republican, Trump Republican, Pre-2016 Republican along with the usual others. And a Propertarian for some race.

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