Virtual & Real Time Pursuits

We found a new restaurant (for takeout). Almanqal Grill. The ocassion was a socially distanced meet-up to take some real pictures for virtual attendance.

Dinner was really good, kabobs of all varieties, the best pita bread and humas I have had in a long time, maybe ever. Dolmas, Baba Ganoush (I did not try this, not an eggplant fan), and a salad. And baklava, again – really spectacular.

The pictures were for attending Mariner home games, at least showing our faces.

We are trying to get our cutouts put in our actual seats in the outfield. They say you can’t choose your location, and they are in foul territory, but we are asking anyway. If a foul ball hits your cut-out, they are supposed to send you the ball. I wonder if they would do the same for a home run.

In other pursuits of no import, we finished this jigsaw puzzle. It was 1000 pieces, and a good challenge. It took a few days of picking through the many colors. Getting the second card table was definitely a good move. The shadow is just a shadow, not part of the puzzle.

2 Responses to “Virtual & Real Time Pursuits”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I love the cut outs! That seems like a good way to get audiences more involved in the (virtual) game. Not an eggplant fan here either!

  2. jane Says:

    Beautiful puzzle!

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