Sunday Sunny Day

A bit of this, a bit of that.

Work on one of those things you just want off of your plate. As a government employee we are required to answer to requests from the public. But sometimes those requests almost feel like harassment. Too many, too often, and regarding a subject that is under another agency’s jurisdiction. I got a good start, but did not finish my mini-project, which is aimed at putting an end to the current requests focus.

Out for a walk to a place where Carl regularly works on keeping some vestiges of baseball form alive.

The wall is relentless

Luckily we got there before several others looking to use the wall arrived. Over the last many weeks Carl has become acquainted, a nodding acquaintance, with others who use the space.

The total walk was a bit over 3 miles.

A repeat neighborhood artwork

A long enough walk for good exercise, but not so long as to wear us out completely.

Post Walk Covid Hair

So next up was raspberry patch maintenance. The structure that pretends to contain the patch was the obstentious focus of the chore. The structure did need to have one bamboo piece replaced, but most of that work was on readjusting the old bits. Then the real work of weeding between the canes began. Especially trying to eradicate buttercup. Major inroads were made, but the chore was not completed.

Lots of bees and bumblebees, not visible in this picture

Our orphan, often overlooked rhododendron in the side yard.

Finally it was time to stop the physical work and focus on family arithmetic. And dinner.

It would be nice if tomorrow is as productive.

2 Responses to “Sunday Sunny Day”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That’s a pretty rhody! Are people rude these days, or mostly polite? (it seems like there are many who are very upset and take it out on the rest of us) I like Carl’s mask. Today was productive for me, at over 16,000 steps. Tomorrow I have no lawn to mow, so I probably won’t get quite as much exercise. 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      Most that interact directly are polite. There’s a young man with Downs Syndrome who shares the wall. He hits tennis balls, and they make room for each other. His caregiver is always attentive and notices niceties.

      Then there was the woman today looking to see if the tennis court was open, and when she was texting her partners, walked right where Carl was throwing. More completely unaware than rude.

      Twice we have walked past a house where a parent/grandparent has been reading a picture book to two kids playing in the front yard. I am always tempted to sit down on the sidewalk and listen.

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