Return to Normal?

Not here.

Not even close. But there are signs that we are looking forward.

First toilet paper started to reappear. A roll here or there. Then a pack, and even 2 brands to choose between. Then a Costco case.

Sanitizing wipes were next, though still scattered. It felt like you had to be in the right place at the right time.

And finally, the return of our most limited commodity, hand sanitizer! Only two per customer!

Delivered to our doorstep a few days ago. Held in isolation within the cardboard box for a few more days, and now available for use. We weren’t quite out, but I don’t feel like I need to hoard and consider whether each squirt should be used.

Purell’s are old, Germ-x new.

Life’s focus in these strange times.

On the, this is going to continue for some time vein, newly acquired skills: While wearing a mask I can scratch my nose by moving my chin.

We drove to Maple Leaf for our post work walk. After one half of a lap around the park we exited to the neighborhood sidewalks instead. Too crowded. Many kids on bikes and scooters, hardly anyone else with masks. I used to notice if they were wearing helmets. On the streets there are fewer folks and it’s just easier to make space. Keep our bubble. We are not perfect isolationists, but we do make an effort.

A good walk, and now it’s time to relax.

2 Responses to “Return to Normal?”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    The City of St. Louis closed a few of the roads in Forest Park, and all of the roads in Tower Grove to automobile access. Tower Grove is a magnet for families on bikes, scooters, or a mix. It’s great because the roads are nice and wide, and mostly flat. “We’re going uphill now, Mommy!” “Yes we are, dear, just pedal a little harder.” We still feel like we have enough space, even with the wobbly little ones.

    I heard Seattle is going to keep some roads permanently closed.
    What are your thoughts on that?


  2. margiegf Says:

    I too am not a perfect isolationist, but I try to maintain distance. My usual walking route isn’t very crowded, thankfully. I’ve rejoiced in the return of TP but should try for hand sanitizer too. I’m running out.

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