Garden day

We risked our lives yesterday and went to a store. The primary goal was to get some tomato plants. And some envelopes and turkey burger. Based on the wide variety of items we settled on Fred Meyers. We managed to find the tomatoes in the outdoor section without too much difficulty, and put them, 3 of them, in the car. Then it was into the indoor building. The envelope hunt was pretty uneventful, except there were no envelopes. Back up to the grocery section. This was where the risking was all over the place. Masks – only about half, distancing- about the same. We did the self-checkout, where the line was distanced as were the checkout stands.

Today was the day to get outside and plant. Three tomatoes shouldn’t take too long, except in my world it’s never that straight forward.

My garden gnome

I wanted to add some soil amendments before planting the tomatoes. The bag of soil amendments was way too large for the raised bed, so I/we needed to weed the backyard beds and then use most of the amendments in that area. And I needed Carl’s help to lift the full bag.

A few hours later the beds were weeded, amendments added, and tomatoes planted. And pruning of the camellia started.

One cage short

The camellia pruning is a project that needed to happen. It is growing into a rhodie and is way too tall.

Pruning started. The rhodie is getting leggy, and will be pruned too.

This project did not get completed, but it was started. I wimped out, am out of shape and needed food. So I will attack it again another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Post yard work hair, pulled back because it is long enough!

We did manage to add a walk in as well, on this rainy sunny day. The following is one of the many rhododendrons we passed. I think this was the most striking for colors.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone.

One Response to “Garden day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What kind of tomatoes did you get? I’ll miss growing them this year, but I’ll be gone most of July. I wasn’t impressed with the mask wearing or distancing last time I was in an actual store. This last time I got pick up. But it seems like there’s always something missing from my order–or several things. This time it was the cuties.

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